Silvano Donati

SILVANO DONATI is Emeritus Professor of University of Pavia, after having been Full Professor of Optoelectronics from 1980 to 2012 at the Department of Electronics.

In 1971 he started lecturing courses at University of Pavia, where, in 1980, he became Full Professor. Since then he lead the Group of Optoelectronics active on photodetector and noise, electro-optical instrumentation (gyroscopes, interferometry, etc.), and optical fiber communications.

He is the credited inventor of self-mixing interferometry and of chaos-shift-keying (CSK) cryptography, the topic recognised by the Fellow awards and that he covered in Distinguished Lectures given in 21 LEOS Chapters in two terms, 2007/08 and 2008/09, totaling 23 Chapter visited.

Author of two books: ‘Photodetectors’ published by Prentice Hall, 1999, and ‘Electro-Optical Instrumentation’, published by Prentice Hall, 2004, this last translated in Chinese (Jiao Tong University Press, 2006) and also available as paperback, India edition,  and e-book (2008).

He has taught for over twenty years courses in Electronic Circuit Design, Electronics Materials and Technology, Photodetector Devices, Electrooptical Instrumentation and Optical Fiber Communications in the curriculum of Electronics Engineeering of the Italian Laurea (5-years) degree.

He authored or co-authored 300+ publications on peer-reviewed Journals and Conference Proceedings, 6 book chapters and was the Editor of 12 Conference Proceedings he has chaired.

His seminal papers have received 7800+ citations. His H factor is 40 and the i10-index is 120.

With the IEEE-LEOS he has started two serial workshops: WFOPC (workshop on fiberoptics passive components) and ODIMAP (Optical Distance Measurements and Applications) started in Pavia for two editions before being passed on to IEEE Chapters in Glasgow, Palermo Taipei and Montreal (WFOPC), and Madrid and Oulu (ODIMAP).

He was the founder (1996) and the past Chairman (1997-01) of the Italian LEOS Chapter. Has been LEOS Vice President Region 8 Membership (2002-04), LEOS Board of Governors Elected Member (2004-06), Treasurers of the Italian LEOS Chapter (2002-06), Counselor of the IEEE Student Branch in Pavia (2001-07) and LEOS Distinguished Lecturer. He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award of the PhoS in 2011 and the Aaron Kressel Award in 2015.Has been the Chair of the IEEE Italy Section, 2008-09.

Member of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council Fellow Board, and Chair of the IEEE Italy

He acted as Guest Editor of several Special Issues, on Fiber Optics and Passive Components (Journal Selected Topics Quantum Electronics, Sept. 1999), on Laser Interferometry (IoP Journal of Optics A 1998 and 2002, SPIE Optical Engineer. 2001) co-editor of a Feature Issue of IEEE Journal Quantum Electronics, Sept. 2002, on Optical Chaos and Applications to Cryptography and of one on Photodetectors (2004).

He is the recipient of “Marconi” gold medal, two “Siemens” gold medal, the IEEE PS Distinguished Service Award, and the A.Kressel Award of IEEE for semiconductor lasers.

He has been a Visiting Professor at various locations in Taiwan: National Taiwan University in Taipei (2005-06), National Sun Yat Sen University in Kaohsiung (2007, 2008, 2010), National Cheng Kong University (Tainan), 2012, National Chung Hsing University (Taichung) 2013-14, and National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei) 2014-16.

He is Life Fellow of the IEEE, and Emeritus Fellow of OSA.  

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